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Model 1000M Hydrocarbon Oxidizer

The Sabio Hydrocarbon Catalytic Oxidizer is an easy to use, reliable method for the removal of methane or carbon monoxide. Ideal for use with any of Sabio’s zero air sources, this oxidizer is extremely effective in furthering the reduction of air pollutants for clean air applications.
The Model 1000 Thermal Converter is avail­able in a wide variety of configurations. It can be used with chemiluminescent oxides of nitrogen (NOX) gas analyzers for the measurement of ammonia (NH3) or high concentration nitrogen dioxide (N02) conversion to nitric oxide (NO). It can also be used with sulfur dioxide (S02) gas analyzers for the measurement of hydro­gen sulfide (H2S) and total reduced sulfur (TRS). Essentially these gases are thermally oxidized to a more basic state.

Model 1000-TRS/H2S    Hydrogen Sulfide Converter
Model 1000-NOX          Nitrogen Dioxide Converter
Model 1000-TRS           Total Reduced Sulfur Converter
Model 1000-NH3/NOX   Ammonia and Nitrogen Dioxide Converter
All Sabio Instruments products are proudly manufactured and assembled in Round Rock, Texas U.S.A. 
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