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Ambient Gas Analyzers

US EPA Certified 

6000 Series Analyzer Standard Features:

  • Large color TFT LCD display

  • Touch screen, front panel keypad, external keyboard and mouse

  • Menu driven software

  • Ethernet, USB and RS-232/485 ports

  • Front panel USB connections for peripheral devices and firmware updates

  • Four independent analog outputs with flexible ranges

  • 8 digital input/outputs (I/Os)

  • Remote access

  • Automatic temperature and pressure compensation

  • Comprehensive internal data logging

  • Internal memory for more than 2 years of data storage

  • Modbus RTU and TCP protocol

  • External Filter (back panel)

  • Calibration by dilution

  • Universal Line voltage in the range of 90-260 VAC, 50/60Hz

Ambient Air Analyzers
Ozone Analyzer, O3 Analyzer
Model 6030
O3 Analyzer
SO2 Analyzer, Sulfur Dioxide Analyzer
Model 6020
SO2 Analyzer
 TRS (Total  Reduced Sulfur) or TS (Total Sulfur Analyzer, TRS Analyzer
Model 6060
TRS Analyzer
CS  (Combined Sulfur) or H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) Analyzer
Model 6022
H2S Analyzer
Nitrogen Oxides Analyzer, NOX Analyzer
Model 6040
NO/NO2/NOX Analyzer
NT (Total Oxides of Nitrogen), NH3 (Ammonia) and NOX (Oxides of  Nitrogen) Analyzer, NH3 Analyzer
Model 6042
NH3 Analyzer
Carbon Monoxide Analyzer, CO Analyzer
Model 6050
CO Analyzer
Trace Level Carbon Monoxide Analyzer, CO Analyzer
Model 6050T
Trace Level CO Analyzer
All Sabio products are proudly manufactured and assembled in Round Rock, Texas U.S.A. 
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