Intuitive Interface

Standard for all 6000 Series Analyzers and the Model 2030 Reference Standard.

The Sabio Intuitive Interface Software utilizes easy to use menu-driven software system, similar to that used by a desktop PC.  As shown in the figures below there is a menu bar at the top of the Main Screen with several choices that allow the user to select various operations, drop-down and sub-menus for specific functions.

View and control your instrument data remotely on your desktop, laptop, pad, or smartphone by downloading the free          application.  Click here to download                Version 4.1.3.

Manage the instrument remotely from your desktop, pad, or phone


Menu Driven interface

Create unique identifiers for each instrument

Graph in real time

Example of Manual Calibration Screen and Data with graph

Example of Instrument Status Screen

Example of Interactive Calibration Screen with on-screen instructions 

Example of Calibration Screen Data with on-screen instructions