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Collecting and distributing homogenous ambient air samples for gas analysis is easy with the Sabio Model 1002 and 1004 heated Sample Manifolds. Able to work equally well in dry or humid and salty environments, the manifold is well-suited for collecting reactive air toxic data.

Glass Sample Manifold, Stainless Sample Manifold
Model 1002/1004
Heated Sample Manifolds
Model 1002 - Stainless Steel
Model 1004 - Glass
Humidity Sensor
Humidity Sensor
Front View                            Side View
Model 3102 - 100 
Manifold Temperature Controller (not shown)
Model 3102-101
Manifold Temperature Controller with Relative Humidity (Shown)
Humidity Sensor
All Sabio Instruments products are proudly manufactured and assembled in Round Rock, Texas U.S.A. 
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